Keeping Score

Keeping Score

Keeping Score is an action packed drama, full of lies, lust, rage, and love that takes viewers deep into the sullied heart of the sports industry, a world where dreams can come true in a heartbeat – only to be crushed by the dark forces of relentless revenge, insatiable greed, all-consuming desire, and merciless ambition.

25 years ago Mmamosa Letsie was beautiful, young, idealistic and desperately in love with Justice Mohapi – a talented young boxer known as the Hurricane because of his speed and left hook. Following him from match to match, she lied about her age, until a drunken week long fling left the 16-year-old girl pregnant and alone once her family threw her out. It also destroyed the chance she had of being a Beauty Queen – Justice ignored her calls (it was just a one week fling for him) and moved on to a string of glamorous women with prestige and money, and an overseas career.

Mmamosa remained behind pregnant, alone and bitter. She learnt the hard way how to marry money, divorce to make even more money and work her way up the corporate ladder. Her marriage to a wealthy, politically well-connected man left her with one son, and a large settlement that she has turned into serious money by clever investments. A tough and ruthless black diamond, she’s made a career out of being BEE window dressing, but she’s also a sharp, shrewd operator known as the barracuda who has a fine line in vendettas and retribution. She has two sons. Lehasa and Tladi – Justice’s son. Tladi has never been told who his father is. He’s inherited his father’s boxing talent though his gentle soul rebels at the idea of violence. The younger son, Lehasa is studying to be a lawyer. He’s inherited his mother’s mind, looks, charm and ruthless ambition. Overseas, Justice flew high, a little too high. He crashed and burnt.

These are stories of courage, of hope, of friendship and love, of gritty determination.

  • Duration: 24 minutes
  • Episodes: 156
  • Language/s: Multilingual - English subtitles
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