Shado’s is a spicy drama series with new-wave comedy and drama interlaced with ice-cold themes of betrayal, passion, intrigue and outright deception.

Set in a swish Newtown bar called ‘Shado’s’, the drama series deals with the conundrums and contradictions of real characters dealing with real life issues.

The bar provides the arena where the city delivers its young and cool, its jaded and searching, its loved and unloved, its deceptive, its dangerous and its vulnerable. The ongoing storylines trace the sexual tensions, the deceptions (both of self and others), the manipulations, the guilt, and the redemption of the characters, attracting a growing audience eager to discover the secrets that drive the characters forward.

Naughty but not lascivious, Shado’s interweaves intriguing dramatic stories with light comic tales that exploit the sometimes absurd, sometimes poignant opportunities available. Shado’s takes risks and pushes boundaries, never resorting to cheap sensationalism or titillation for its own sake.

  • Duration: 24 minutes
  • Episodes: 24
  • Language/s: English
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