A Question of Madness

A Question of Madness

The story of the man who murdered the architect of apartheid.

On 6 September 1966 a parliamentary messenger strode between the green leather benches of Cape Town’s House of Assembly, pulled out a knife and stabbed Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd to death.

The assassin, Dimitri Tsafendas, was written off as insane and condemned to a life of hell as a mental patient on South Africa’s death row. This is a tale of a man, born of a black mother and a Greek father, who was classified as “white”, but who travelled the world in a hopeless search for sanctuary, eventually returning to the land of apartheid to wreak vengeance on the figure, HF Verwoerd, who had come to symbolise the racism that had blighted his life. After 28 years on death row, Dimitri Tsafendas was finally rescued from his living hell by the arrival of majority rule. The producers filmed two exclusive interviews with Tsafendas  (and others) in which he tells for the first time of his life and the assassination that changed the course of history.

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