A Vision of Paradise – Global Warming and Religion

A Vision of Paradise – Global Warming and Religion

A hard-hitting four-part documentary series examining the role of Religion in the fight against global warming. Across the world, nature’s warning is clear and unambiguous. Planet Earth is warming. Its climate is changing. The weight of swelling populations, wholesale consumerism, massive industrialisation, and the exploitation of creation’s resources are causing the environment to buckle. Climate change is a threat to humanity as a whole, but those who are least responsible, the poor, will suffer the most. This series offers viewers a unique perspective from the voice of faith as a ‘call to religion’… Religious leaders are often challenged to heed the call to conscience and reflect on their responsibility to Earth. We examine the various Faiths’ perspective on humankind’s relationship with nature, and their responsibilities in taking care of the environment.

We question whether religion has in fact contributed to the crisis, either directly in the unrestricted use of the earth’s resources, or indirectly through their silence, as the destruction continues…

But we also look at the power of prayer and meditation as tools of healing and widening the circle of compassion. We travel throughout Southern Africa to look at some of the religious based projects or educational initiatives which are making a difference in the fight against global warming and reflect if indeed we are living what Mahatma Gandhi once stated: “Be the change you want to see in the  world”.

True change begins with the individual, and when enough individuals make the change, the world will change with them. As we conclude this series, we will look at the options facing us as humanity, and ask: How do we as individuals respond?

  • Duration: 48 minutes
  • Episodes: 4
  • Language/s: English
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