Family Baggage

Family Baggage

Father inside: Turbulent apartheid township politics left their mark on Magadien Wentzel. His mother farmed out all her children to keep her job as a live-in domestic worker. Magadien was enraged to gradually find out in childhood, who his parents were. Brutalized by members of his foster family, he turned in his teens, to gangsterism and crime. Despite becoming a notorious gangster in Manenberg, he yearned for a family. He adopted a split personality, as a criminal – and a caring homebody. After 20 years of crime, a Pollsmoor warden, spurred him on to follow his heart – to shed his role of gangster, to mend his relationships and to father not only his own children but others who need fathering in Manenberg.

  • Duration: 48 minutes
  • Episodes: 2
  • Language/s: English
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