High Rollers

High Rollers

In the sexy world of high stakes gambling, De Wet King owns and operates the Silver City string of casinos and luxury resorts in South Africa. He considers the business a family affair and for the past 25 years, his childhood friend, Jacob Ndlovu, has been his right hand man. While De Wet is a slick businessman, Jacob brings the intimidation factor, necessary to keep the casinos in line.

The story revolves around three pillars of modern day South Africa – family, money and religion. Things get going when Jacob’s only daughter, Thandi, returns from completing her law articles to uncover that De Wet has been using her loyal father as a silent BEE partner to line his own pockets.

De Wet’s tragic flaw is his greed and his natural assumption that everyone else shares it, including Jacob. As such, he stabs Jacob in the back before he can be betrayed himself. What ensues is a feud that tears the casino empire apart and set Jacob and De Wet on a path to all out war.

Dragged into the middle of this is De Wet’s older brother Petrus, recently released from prison after a 20-year-stint, he served for the murder of a gambling commissioner that gave De Wet his start. However, Petrus has been radically converted while in prison and emerges a charismatic Christian who starts a church in one of De Wet’s casinos. Petrus’ ex-lover, Annetjie, now De Wet’s wife, and their unrequited love is an ongoing tension they both try to resist, while hiding it from De Wet.

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  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Episodes: 26
  • Language/s: English
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