Home Affairs

Home Affairs

HOME AFFAIRS 1: A powerful ensemble drama about nine South African women whose lives are very different, and yet are linked together by the force of synchronicity. Each woman undertakes a journey of self-discovery and reflection.

A gripping, thought-provoking and moving series that illustrates a universal truth: women may come from different races, religions and backgrounds, be of different ages and speak different languages, but ultimately are not as different from each other as one may think. We are all human beings, all searching for the same things: identity, love, happiness and acceptance. These are the things that the women of this series are searching for. Explore the affairs of their hearts, the affairs of their minds, and, most importantly, their Home Affairs.

HOME AFFAIRS 2: A powerful ensemble drama about the lives of six South African women whose lives are very different, yet are linked by the force of synchronicity. This drama is based on the premise that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Throughout the first series, audiences saw the lives of these different women cross, and interconnect through their journeys towards love, the struggle for empowerment, the negotiation of nature and nurture, reconciliation of the past and the present, and the growing realization that who we are is not bound by race, religion, age, occupation or even gender

HOME AFFAIRS 3: An exploration of six women’s lives who are on a quest for identity – who am I, what is my place in the world, how do I live and walk through that space. It’s about these women who go through personal crisis that force them to take a look at who they really are, re-examine themselves, their goals, the way they live their lives. At the end of the series, most of these women have realized the extent of their own personal power and that they determine how they live and where they end up.

All of our characters are on journeys of self-realisation. This is in essence what Home Affairs is all about. It is about choice and synchronicity i.e. about making certain choices at certain crucial times in life where that choice will determine each of the characters reality. Each of these characters create their own reality as they journey through life and that is what Home Affairs hopes to communicate to the viewers, recognising living with awareness, through the journeys of these characters. Through crisis in their lives they are faced with choices which create their realities further empowering them. These are women’s stories where women become aware of synchronicity in their lives, discovering their true identity and how their individual lives are part of a bigger picture.

  • Duration: 48 minutes
  • Episodes: S1-3 - 13 episodes, S4 - 26 episodes
  • Language/s: Multilingual - English subtitles
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