‘In Search of the Voice’ – Celebrating the Life of Robert Sobukwe

‘In Search of the Voice’ – Celebrating the Life of Robert Sobukwe

This film is about the search for a voice, the voice of a man, many view as the father of Pan-Africanism. Founding president of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, Magaliso Robert Sobukwe is one of the primary sources of inspiration for the Black Consciousness Movement. A powerful intellectual force, humble man and leader of unshakable dignity, Sobukwe argued that Africans had to prove to themselves and to the world, they could stand on their own feet.

His words are rarely captured for posterity, his voice deliberately silenced. Even now we are shielded from his thoughts and bold philosophy. As a result, today, no film footage or recordings of his voice and speeches exist. We go in search of the soul of a legend whose legacy remains hidden yet his impact on African politics is still visible in a democratic, free South Africa today.

Director Mickey Dube says, “Our film must not make any excuses as to its tone of celebrating the man, paying tribute to an unsettled soul who needs to rest, in our hearts and psyches. Sobukwe belongs to all South Africans, Africans, the world. South Africa needs the soul of Sobukwe. Africa, the world, need to hear his voice as clearly and as compellingly as he spoke, an embodiment of true human compassion. The film brings him to us by composing an epic that will stand upright for years to come.”

  • Duration: 52 minutes TV version, 70 minutes feature film
  • Language/s: English
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