Journey to the Core

Journey to the Core

Journey to the core interweaves heartfelt biographies, dramatic re-creations and the best soul-nourishing advice from local and international ‘wisdom keepers’.

Every human being has the ability to transform suffering into spiritual strength and wisdom. Often it is only when we are thrown into a deep crisis that we stop to question the fundamental premise of our lives. With some awareness and insight, the toughest of times can be used as a catalyst to conquer our fears, stretch our boundaries and explore new dimensions of ‘being’.

By sharing the unfolding spiritual journeys of a diverse group of remarkable South Africans, Journey to the core presents meaningful transformational tools and interventions to help heal ourselves so that we may move away from a place of emotional and spiritual numbness and turn our lives instead into a passionate, purposeful and conscious experience.

Journey to the core explores universally asked questions such as ‘Who am I?’, ‘How do we live a life of meaning and purpose?’ and ‘What is the real secret to abiding happiness?’

The series is part of a new era of visionary and transformational entertainment that is unfolding globally. Amidst a barrage of violence, bad news and mindless entertainment, it seeks to use the media as a force for good in the world and aims to inspire profound individual and social change through compassionate story telling.

Episodes are themed and explore diverse issues such as the healing power of words, science and ethics, art as a tool for developing intuition, laughter as medicine, consciousness based education and mindfulness and meditation amongst a host of other enriching topics.  Each handpicked story offers inspiring life lessons of personal growth, human triumph, love, courage and enlightenment.

  • Duration: 24 minutes
  • Episodes: 24
  • Language/s: English
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