Justice For All

Justice For All

Justice for all is a powerful and popular human rights legal drama series. It is drama on the cutting edge of social change; drama exploring urgent and topical issues. It strives to demystify legal and court procedures in order to build ordinary South Africans’ confidence in the legal system and to raise awareness for basic human rights issues that affect all.

At a time when Africa’s youth are increasingly confronted by the law, either as victims or offenders, the third series is especially important, focusing largely on children and the law.

The intertwined stories chronicle the trials and personal tribulations of Mike Mohapi, Kate Hansen and Mike’s girlfriend, prosecutor Dineo Mbatha, through high-stakes human rights cases ripped straight from today’s headlines.


  • Seasons: S1 (15 episodes x 30 minutes); S2 (10 episodes x 50 minutes) S3-4 (13 episodes x 48 minutes)
  • Language/s: English
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