Lunchbox Bullies

Lunchbox Bullies

A handful of primary school children in a forgotten corner of a forgotten township, invite us into their lives to witness that they are the casualties of a broken down society. They are all victims – the bullies and the bullied. In a world in which no child has enough of anything: food, love, care and even shelter, a simple lunchbox represents all of these things. The children speak intimately about their pain, neglect, hunger and the physical violence that they have to endure while struggling to survive. We witness that there is no place in which they are truly safe, not even at school. Lunchbox bullies is a powerful statement about children’s basic rights to be nurtured, loved and to be safe.

  • Duration: 48 minutes
  • Episodes: 1
  • Language/s: Multilingual - English subtitles
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