Once divided into the separate worlds of Gugulethu and Bishop Lavis, Montana chronicles the intertwined lives of four families who live in and around the melting pot suburb of Montana, Cape Town. Initially the focus of the series is on four families ranging from the destitute Yilis, who live in a squatter camp bordering Montana, the Jordaans of Bishop Lavis, the Ntshingas of Gugulethu and the well-off Duzes of Montana. The principal couple of the series is the engaged-to-be-married Victor Jordaan and Nolitha Ntshinga who live together in Montana and, like the suburb in which they reside, are a symbol of unification of once segregated worlds. They are a representation of two communities once divided, now united. They are a microcosm of the bigger picture of Montana itself and beyond that, the South African society as a whole.

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Episodes: 26, 52
  • Seasons: 1, 2
  • Language/s: Multilingual - English subtitles
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