Shreds and Dreams

Shreds and Dreams

This series is about women striving for independence while seeking approval from society. They were married off at a younger age, gave birth at the age of fifteen and were kicked out because they were thought of to be barren. Whatever they did, it was never good enough so they ran away to the unknown. When the knocks from the past starts haunting them and people they thought they’d never see again coming knocking on their doors they either run again or deal with it.


Shreds and Dreams 2

We pick up with our characters approximately five years later. Our characters are still trying to escape their pasts but in our second series their circumstances force them to deal with the issues that plague them. Our protagonists are all on redemptive, heroic journeys. They are flawed and complex and in order to overcome their challenges they need to confront and resolve suppressed traumas from their past.


  • Duration: 24 minutes
  • Episodes: 26
  • Seasons: 2
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