Single Galz

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Single Galz

Their lives revolve around one thing: trying to get boyfriends… or keep them. The only problem is that each of them possesses their own extreme insecurities that, when put together in one room, make for one gigantic neurotic soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. It’s easier to be a single girl when there are three of you, but it’s harder to get a boyfriend when there’s always two others peering over your shoulder.


Idiotic advice, failed attempts at being macho, trying too hard to be cool while applying make-up to conceal acne. These are just a few issues that the girls deal with on a daily basis. Single Galz is about what it’s like to be in the big world of adults when you are barely one yourself. As well finding a boy that will speak to you, while there’s the unknown, confusing world of adulthood to deal with too.


For our leads, every day is a (traumatic) discovery. They are the new generation of South Africa and with that, they bring fresh and misguided new outlooks on life, love and work – which doesn’t always go down with the older generations.


  • Duration: 24 minutes
  • Episodes: 13
  • Seasons: 1
  • Language/s: Multilingual - English subtitles
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