Southern Rhythms

Southern Rhythms

outhern Rhythms is a series that explores South African unity through the diversity of music, religion and culture. The series celebrates our rich and diverse spiritual and religious communities through performances by leading indigenous and sacred musicians, and interviews with artists, scholars and other experts.

The concept is based on the first person narrative journey of Pops Mohamed (Pops), world-renowned modern ethnic musician from South Africa. He embarks on a journey of discovery of South Africa’s abundant and varied heritage of sacred music, visiting every province and a spectrum of religious and indigenous communities, engaging them in their environment.

The final segment of each episode is a musical crescendo featuring all of the musicians from that episode playing as an ensemble, having been filmed and recorded in different places in South Africa and at different times.

Pops Muhamed’s reflections of South Africa’s diverse musical genius, culminates in the final episode that showcases the visuals and the voices in music as a sacred, ‘unifying force’ and the potential harmony it can create in South Africa today. This works toward a powerful crescendo that includes a broad spectrum of spiritual and religious communities living and thriving in our country. The series features Indigenous African cultures and their spiritual traditions, Christian music including mainstream Methodist and Anglican, both English and Afrikaans churches, sacred music from the Hindu, Jewish and Islamic as well as the Buddhist tradition.

Sacred sounds, recitations, chants and drumming are part of the repertoire of this uniquely placed series.

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Episodes: 6
  • Language/s: English
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