The Life and Times of Chris Hani

The Life and Times of Chris Hani

‘Chris’ Martin Thembisile Hani was an undisputed South African people’s champion with unparalleled influence over the country’s dispossessed. “I have lived with death all my life. I want to live in a free South Africa, even if I have to lay my life down for it.”

He was born to working class parents in Cofimvaba, rural Transkei, on 28 June 1942. Hani quickly rose to senior leadership positions in the African National Congress, Umkhonto We Sizwe, and the South African Communist Party.

The documentary examines his humanitarian, self-critical, non-sexist and non-racial approach to life and the struggles of freedom in South Africa. This programme shows his charisma, moral strength, and passion for literature. Further, the movie explores his understanding of family duties, political responsibilities, and effects that communism had on his life. Finally it emphasises his dedication to peace and reconciliation in a fractured country. Chris Hani was ruthlessly assassinated on 10 April 1993.

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